Our Story
We're more than a vendor. We're Thinkpiece Partners.
We understand that the difference between
good and great qualitative research is in the nuance
of every conversation. The story in every report.
The actions hidden in the insights.
We understand that you need to see things differently,
and we build every project around making that possible.
Make qualitative research useful, unique, and designed to fit the report you need.

We could throw around a lot of words like "bold" and "honest" and "ingenious." And those words would be accurate.
But we'd rather just be those things. As a team, as individuals, and as partners in your effort to see things differently. We're audacious when we need to be,
carefully attentive when it matters most, kind in our approach, and honest even when it's hard.
So we say "yes," take our clients seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, and have fun while we're at it.

We're Thinkpiece Partners. Maybe it's time we get to know each other.


Our Moderators are practitioners from the industries they research.

They use real-world experience gained from working in areas such as healthcare, technology, and management to build trust with respondents. This insider wisdom allows every moderator to lead conversations, not interviews, and naturally build trust with every respondent.


We're designed to become a natural extension of your business from minute one.

We work together with you to understand your unique expectations, so we can stay sharply focused on your end goal.


Our Analysts are writers and social scientists.

A unique combination of critical thinking and communication allows them to bring creative analyses to every project. The result is a report that tells a meaningful story and offers solutions to the challenges you face.


Our Operations Team keeps everything moving forward.

From full-service recruitment to managing everything back-of-house, they make sure every project starts smoothly and finishes without a hitch. They also keep you in the loop every step of the way, meaning surprises are at a minimum.

This approach helps us tell stories that outlive the research. It helps you take these insights with you when you go.
Most importantly, it allows you to move your business from what is to what can be.


To be as agile as your goals, we build every
qualitative project around how you'll use it.
Even if that looks a little different.

Sometimes, speed is everything.

Time isn't always on your side. Information should be. We can design and complete special projects, report and all, in as little as 6 days (depending on the number of respondents).

Results. Always on schedule.

A custom study may be more than you need. That's okay. Qualitative research can still offer a solution. Our scheduled omnibus studies in technology, healthcare, and more can do the trick.

Advisory board management. Simplified.

You enjoy the benefits of an advisory board, and we'll handle the details. We build, moderate, report on, and manage advisory boards (short or long term) so you get the high-level feedback you need.

Always reliably connected.

In house web conferencing to keep you connected. Whoever you're talking to and wherever they may be, we make it happen.

Transcripts on the spot.

Real-time transcripts to keep you moving forward. Accurate transcriptions for review, sharing, and analysis as interviews occur. Coming late 2018.

Reports like you've never seen before.

Compelling reports to make your story engaging and effective. Make your case directly, powerfully and more creatively with video and motion graphics.

We’re the best professionals in this field

Establishing what qualitative research should be by building Thinkpiece to redefine the status quo.
Bonnie Dibling
CEO, Lead Researcher
Connecting what is to what can be by building a road map using his experience as a visionary technologist.
John Dibling
President, Lead Technology Researcher
Working toward efficiency to ensure every project is as seamless as possible to clients.
Samantha Clark
Operations Coordinator
Developing deep understanding using his extensive background in leadership and research to take brands in a new direction.
Kip Brown
Business to Business Lead
Navigating the borderless roadmap of human insights with clear direction and a steady focus.
Nancy Miller
Healthcare Lead
Creating trust and understanding in every conversation through a unique background in technology.
Steven Mosshamer
Uncovering where we are, what’s going on, and how to show clients the story.
Kristen Balisi, M.A.
Senior Analyst
Listening to how people think and translating those learnings into valuable stories clients need to hear.
Liz Ezell, M.A.
Analyzing the details and the more organic elements of story that naturally arise in research.
John Bray
Embracing qualitative research as the why behind the what that helps stories resonate.
Colleen Langdon
Special Project Coordinator
Maintaining clear communication to build lasting relationships and keep goals sharply in focus.
Laura Szuberla
Office Manager
Ensuring communication flows easily without distracting from insights by deploying the right technology.
Chris Dethloff
Qualitative Support Specialist
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